January 21, 2012

Bharathi Ramaraj

Name: R.Bharathi                                                                                           
   Rating: 2114
   DOB: 14. 07. 1993
   From: Chennai , Tamil Nadu
   Title : Women Fide Master

Hi guys! I am a WFM from Singara Chennai. I also hold a WIM norm. I started playing chess
when I was six. But I can also dance, swim and skate! I also love to read. Chess, Music ,Dance and
usually make up my life. When they don’t, I like to talk(a lot)!
Right now, I am doing Bachelor of Engineering degree in ECE at SSNCE ,but given the chance,
I  would also like to study history, literature and about space!
  Writing is new to me and I would like to know what you think of my articles. You can contact me
at ramarajbharathi@gmail.com

      Chess Achievements:
·        Silver Medal in Asian Junior Girls Chess Championship- 2011
·        Silver Medal in National Women Challengers Chess Championship- 2011
·        National Sub-junior Girls Chess Champion – 2008
·        Achieved one WIM norm

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