January 25, 2012

Srinath Narayanan

Name- Srinath Narayanan
DOB- 14-02-1994
Rating- 2443
Title- IM, 2GM norm holder 
From- Chennai, India

''Hi, I am a 20 year old International Master from India. I play chess from the age of 5 and have been playing chess for 15 years and I still feel as passionate about chess as I felt when I was 5 years old! Apart from chess, my other passions include reading and watching TV shows. I love learning new things and I think writing is a great avenue to share knowledge and acquire new knowledge. I look forward to sharing what I've learned and learning new things through this blog I urge the readers to feel free to suggest improvements in the comments section below each article or on my facebook account and ensure that the article is shared to as many people as possible if you find the content useful."

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