July 16, 2012

Chess Quiz

To all the budding players out there! A way to sharpen your chess memory and skills. Here is a fun quiz, all about Chess! See if you can get them all right, it's time to challenge yourself.

Chess Quiz
By Rucha Pujari

There are ten questions in all; answers very soon!

1. I know you are smiling because you know this position. Alright, the following position is very famous. Black to play. This game was played in Linares 1998. Name the players.

2. World Championship Match. Anand – Topalov, 2010… Where did it take place? (Country, city)

3. The first official match for the World Championship for Chess took place in 1886. Who was the challenger for William Steinitz, the first World Champion?

4. Identify the Legendary Grandmaster in the picture given below.

5. Can you name this place? You must be wondering where I am going, but trust me it’s related to Chess.

6. Something about Women's Chess: Women World Championship match, 1981… Can you identify the players?

7. He came into the Chess world like Napoleon. He came, saw and conquered! Identify this all-time great player.

8. The position given below is taken from a very important game. Which is this following game?

9. Look at the picture given below. Can you identify and name this Russian Grandmaster?

10. And at this moment (refer diagram below), the entire world froze as Black took the pawn on h2, 29… Bxh2?! And it’s been many years since the game was actually played, but the debate continues: Can Black draw? Which is this famous game?

Note to the readers: Post your answers to chessaceindia@gmail.com and please not as a comment....we will publish the answers very soon! Stay tuned

Hope you enjoyed taking the quiz. How well did you do? Click here to get the solution.