July 5, 2012

For all those out worshiping a cine star!

Indian Cinema and especially Bollywood!! The distinct world where you can go from NewDelhi to NewYork in split seconds for a dance sequence! The industry where Khan’s and Kapoor’s rule the roost! I wanted to throw some light on the typical Indian star worship which millions of Indian fans do!

For all those out worshiping a cine star!
By Priyadharshan Kannappan

India is a fan stricken country where fan's of stars fight it out at every given opportunity to prove that their Star is a bigger guy than the other; wasting and losing their precious time,money and self identity.

FB Troll on SRK

The height of the fan madness is when Fan’s include their stars name with them officially... I find calling Kumar as Salman Kumar or Shahrukh Kumar really funny.. Don’t you?

A person becomes a fan because; his star does the things what the fan can’t do in his whole lifetime. A normal person can never injure 10 persons in a single kick or go to Alps just like that or romance a girl who is half his age, these reasons are just like a cream of a cake....Few of my friends like a star because he kisses his co-star in an aesthetic way!! So many reasons to become a fan, but what are the pros and cons of becoming a fan??

Fan's waving for Tamil Actor Vijay

Let’s start with the pro’s, You will get to connect with the other fans of the star and who knows you may even connect with a girl fan and she may become your girl friend in the future! You can make yourself popular by associating your name with the star by putting flex boards and hoardings. You won’t feel lonely at any given time because you will have something to talk about your star 24x7x365.

Coming to the con’s; You earn the wrath of the other star’s fans, who wait 24x7 to abuse you and your star on any given medium. You shell out thousands of bucks on fan membership, putting up flex boards, buying tickets in black to view first day first show releases of your star. You may also end up with broken bones and a free fall from a height with none of your Superman,Spiderman heroes coming to save you from the fall when you garland the flex boards which are at a height of 12-13 feet have and also to Milk Abhishek those boards.
Rajinikanth fans pouring milk to his cutout
Hardcore star worshipers may be full of rage once they finish reading this article :) All I really wish to say is watch movies, if you want like the stars but never ever worship them as they are too mere mortals and not God....