September 12, 2012

The Beauty of Pawn Promotion

Remember that moment when after hours of hard work, you stopped the clock just to ask the arbiter for an extra Queen? Or that moment when you promoted all the pawns even though you were winning already?

Well, this is a humorous poem on Pawn promotion. Enjoy.

The Beauty of Pawn Promotion
By Rucha Pujari

We all start fiercely
With a pawn move on the Board
Yes we all push the pawn
Two squares in a row
But will it reach eighth rank?
Nobody seems to know!!

Every pawn has a dream
And there are 8 pawns on the board
Yes every pawn dreams of promotion
If you want to know
But will that day come?
Nobody seems to know!!

Every pawn is a latent queen
Most powerful piece on board
Yes every pawn is powerful
If it fights till last row
Will other pieces help him?
Nobody seems to know!!

Sometimes they sacrifice themselves
For major pieces on board
Yes they give up their fight
For some small initiative you know
But is that sacrifice justified?
Nobody seems to know!!

Sometimes you never know
Which pawn will make your day
Yes you never ever know
Which pawn will win the game
Is the value of pawn underrated?
Nobody seems to know!!

We all enjoy introducing
A new piece on the board
Yes we all will enjoy having
Two queens on the board
Is there beauty in Pawn promotion?
Well you let me know!!!