October 20, 2012

Zero Tolerance and India

Following the unpleasant incident that happened in the National Premier Championships, we decided to ask Indians what they felt about it. Read a part of the story in 'The Hindu' here. Of course, we HAVE seen players losing out on this rule time and again. But this time, the magnitude was very large and the newspapers did not make pleasant reading at all, even to the non-chess buffs.

This incident particularly opens up a few questions.

Zero Tolerance and India

"Is it really good for the game?"

"What would you do if you were the 'lucky' opponent in such a situation?"
"Is the affected player really at fault? - both of them were serious players and what happened to them was out of their hands"
"Already players have a lot to ponder about, before a chess game. Why this?"
"In a city (well well) like Kolkata, traffic jams are pretty ordinary. Here, the rule is simply cruel..."
"Chess is a gentleman's game, right?"

Have a look at this link too.
Readers can post their views as comments here. Valid comments will be published as a post with analysis in a few weeks.

"Are you comfortable with this rule?"

Team Chessace.