January 20, 2013

Zugzwang!! A Poem

Can you relate Chess to your life?

All of us, chess players can relate our lives to Chess in some way or the other. Here the author tries to do so, through a very beautiful poem.

Zugzwang!! A Poem
By Niranjan Navalgund

Before your life ends up in Zugzwang 
Learn to pin, Devoid of sins!

Skewer your thoughts,

Hope against odds.
Maneuver your troops and forces

Plant outposts and seal victories


Numbered are your moments,

To post your deserving achievements!

Plan, Work Sail and Prevail

This is the way you must trail.

Chess is timing, so Is Life!        

Move with a purpose, Have High aims!

Face the gale when

Defence is the demand
Hold on! Take charge and command.

Do the best and Leave the Rest

To God!

And he will save your position from the Critical Zugzwang!
- Niranjan Navalgund