July 22, 2012

Answers for the Chess Quiz

Hi, The other day we had posted the Chess Quiz and we received an overwhelming response for the quiz with various email responses with the answers.

Many got the 3rd and 4th questions wrong but still I am sure all readers enjoyed this rapid fire quiz!! Here we present the answers.

Answers for the Chess Quiz 
by Rucha Pujari

In case if you have missed the quiz, I suggest you to try solving before looking up the answers. Take the Chess Quiz.


1. Topalov – Shirov 0-1, Linares 1998. Here Black
played 47… Bh3!!

2. Bulgaria, Sofia

3. Zukertort Johannes Hermann

4. Yuri Averbakh

5. Tretyakov Gallery, Russia. It was the venue for World Championship Match 2012.

6. Maia Chiburdanidze vs Nana Alexandria.

7. Alexander Alekhine, 4th World Champion.

8. Anand – Gelfand 1-0, World Championship Match
2012 (game 8). Shortest victory ever in World
Championship history.

9. Vladimir Kramnik

10. Spassky – Fischer 1-0, World Championship Match,