July 24, 2012

How Life Imitates Chess - Technically speaking!

It doesn't really matter a lot where we end up in life; When you are associated to chess in one way or the other, it keeps showing up in your life somehow! There's just no let off on that!
The best minds are often idiosyncratic, don't sleep in the classroom! Eventually everyone comes up with something extraordinary... Here's one such thing. Being a Computer Science engineer,
my brain worked one time too many... Sometimes things look so easy inside and outside computers! I started to link everything in my college Computer Science and Engineering literature to the 64 squares.

How Life Imitates Chess - Technically speaking!
By Arun Karthik

>>> Requirements Collection - Databases, TWIC, Journals
Design - Home Preparation ( வீட்ல தான் வாழ்க்கைய வடிவமைக்கணும்! )
Implementation - Tournament Preparation, Saving the games
Testing - Over the board play (with the only difference that there is no 'regression' testing possible on the chess board! No, you cannot take back!)
Maintenance - Game analysis (Sometimes boring, but very useful and expensive, in terms of time!)
Product Lifecycle - Until the variation is refuted! (There will always be miscreants finding 'faults' with the 'stuff' that you had developed!)
Spreadsheet - Crosstable

Binary Search Tree - Analysis tree
Very capable!
Leaf, nodes - Moves, ply
Execution time - Thinking time
Bandwidth - Playing speed
System overload - Time pressure! (unequivocally! d'accord!)
Garbage value output - Time pressure blunder (Sometimes, our brain 'system' cannot explain the moves it makes. Such outputs come under the 'garbage' category!)

Package - Main line (A lot of smaller classes of variations come under one single package!)
Class - Variations
Compilers - Engines ( The omnipotent colossal software that aid professionals in their decision-making processes, very efficient in their functioning)
Interface - ChessBase (The 'indispensable' of the contemporary chess life!)
GPL (General Purpose Language) - Algebraic notation ( Character set of 'a' to 'h' alphabets, 1 to 8 numbers and five capital letters - K, Q, N, R and B! Occasionally 0-0 and 0-0-0 are used! :D Some special characters are used time and again!)
Kernel - Human brain

Bug - Bad move  ( Not so bad to damage the system)
Fault - Blunder ( Performance affected)
Failure - Losing position ( System crash!)
Deadlock - Stalemate

Antivirus - Sly traps in minus positions! (With a hope that the hostile viruses, that are already damaging the system brutally, fail against this! Although in most cases, viruses are too good to fall for these!)
Will he fall for it?
 (Tamil - "ஓத்த move செட்டிங்"! Indian English - "Setting")
Add-on - TWIC! ( Manual updates are only possible; very good ones! Worth updating!)

Static library: Endgames ( Though static, these are the foundations on which the 'system' is built! Very solid base for many a wonderful creation)
Dynamic library: Openings ( This library gets frequently updated, sometimes too much to the point of ennui! Maintaining this is again a herculean task, but to stay in the market, you have to do this!)
Indexing - Player Encyclopedia

Long term scheduling - Match Play
Medium term scheduling - Tournament Play
Short Term Scheduling - "Knock out!"
First in First out - Progressive Scores (5/5 wins the event!)
Race Condition - Buchholz! (The final output depends upon the performance of other units!)

Brute force programming - Computer analysis (A very general problem-solving technique that consists of systematically enumerating all possible candidates for the move and checking whether each candidate satisfies the position on the board)

Parallel Computing - Seeing other boards during play! :) (It's amazing how much the brain improves in its functioning when seeing other boards. Multithreading is very good with the brain!)

Priority Inversion - "Players, TEA is available..."
 (Since many Indians are reading this, I think most people can get this thing! Usually not a common occurrence abroad...!)

Chess Tournaments and Tea are inseparable!

Query Language - "Arbiter...!" ( The one generic moan that we all have done at least once!)

Runtime Library: Checking the preparation just before the game
Runtime Error: "Oh shit!" ( Refer ^ ! You often feel like the situation in the figure below when it suddenly dawns on you that you missed a rather simple refutation in the preparations! And then it seems like the opponent will most certainly play the same thing!)
Should I continue with this move? Damn you engines!

The final bricks...

CTRL + ALT + DELETE - "Resign!"
Blue Screen of Death - "Flag fall!" <<<

and I managed to get my degree with 80% - I blabbered the way less done by, it made a big difference!

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