July 27, 2012

The Philosophical Side of Chess II

After a great response to the first part of The Philosophical side of Chess, Sagar Shah writes a sequel to it. A very interesting theme, and we invite our readers to read and enjoy.

The Philosophical Side of Chess II
By Sagar Shah

In my bid to explain the idea that in my mind I have stored,
You all have to Imagine the new world as a chess board!

A boy and a girl delighted by each other's sights,
decided to fall in love as the e4 and d4 knights!
They were so happy with their life,
The girl thinking of her future husband and the boy about his wife!
Each of them controlled a different square,
they considered their love to be unique and rare!
But slowly they drifted apart from each other in search of clothing,shelter and bread,
And on each others feet they slowly began to tread!
Because of the constant interference fights began to grow,
The love quotient that was so high slowly began to get low!
Thought the boy and girl: Each and every square on the board i can control,
Why do i need someone else to be with me to achieve my goal!
With absolutely no love left in their heart,
They both slowly drifted apart!

A wise boy and a clever girl who watched this happen,
Didnt let their spirits dampen!
They too decided to ignite their stove,
And as Bishops on e4 and d4, they fell in love!

Like the Knights at the start, they too co-ordinated well,
Life had become a symphony since the time in love they fell!
Each one decided to keep something lacking in their skill,
And it was precisely this emptiness that the other person was able to fill!

Soon one had to move a little away from the other,
But even with the distance,their love, they never did bother!
Both of them knew,
That on their own they could achieve any feat,
But it was truly their partner's support that made them complete!
Because of their inability, trust and faith in the other breeded,
Both of them always felt loved and needed! 
Very different yet full of Support,
The Bishops love till times immemorial held fort!

Today my dear friends, you have a choice to make:
You can be like how loads of people really are i.e a Knight,
And feel that everything about you is right!
Or you can be a Bishop and join the group of people that is really few,
And let someone special come in your life and complete you!

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